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Solid Steel Construction

Thick 20-24 gauge galvanized steel panels are CNC folded into complex pie shaped roof panels to make our Metal Yurt Roofs. The steel is high strength and coated to G-115 specification - nearly 60% thicker coating than most other metal roofs out there. This gives the roof a longer lifespan and lower maintenance.

Easy Bolt Together Construction

Every panel on the roof package comes with pre-punched bolt holes for each fastener. Fastener choice is simplified with only a few different sizes to keep things simple and foolproof. The only tools required are a drill, 1/2" socket or wrench and a 1/4" punch or rod to help line up the bolt holes. Construction is as easy as putting bolts into holes and tightening up the nuts. The average roof can be installed in 1-3 days, depending on your skill and size of the roof.

Deep Roof Ribs

3" deep ribs strengthen the roof panels and keep the fasteners out of running water. These ribs are so strong that they are engineered to hold 20 pounds per square ft of snow load on their own (in certain circumstances when used in a solid round house, not a yurt). In a yurt, it means that your roof will be able to support more point loads, like people, heavy ice and snow, and those pesky falling tree branches.

A Range of Sizes

Metal Yurt Roofs are available in many different sizes to fit every yurt and round house. We offer sizes in 3' diameter increments, starting at 12'. So the sizes are 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 33', 36', and 39'. Actual size of the roof is 3"-5" larger than the stated size, so, if necessary, a 30' roof will fit on a 30' yurt with a few extra inches, but we recommend that you go up one size if your yurt size matches the roof size exactly. Example - a 24' yurt could use a 24' roof, but a 27' roof will fit better and give a nicer roof overhang.
Larger and smaller roofs are available on request. Options for those building a round house (not a yurt roof replacement) include higher snow load ratings, roof hatches, covered vents, and ladder rungs.

Fast and Free Shipping

All of our Metal Yurt Roofs are priced with fast and free shipping to the lower 48 states. We can also ship these roofs all over the world and have quoted shipping to New Zealand, Hawaii, Europe, and Africa, just to name a few. The roof will come packaged in a sturdy crate and could require a forklift to help with unloading - depending on size. To give an example, an 18' roof can be quickly opened and handed off the truck if you have 3 or more people and the simple tools to easily open the crate (tin snips, hammer and pry bar, drill, etc). However, a larger roof like a 27' model would require a forklift to unload and not cause the truck driver to bill for extra unloading time.

2-3 Week Shipping Time

The average time from order to shipping is a quick 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the exact roof that you order is in stock and ready for immediate shipment, other times we make them to order. Either way, you will get your roof soon after you place your order. We work with one of the largest sheet metal forming companies in the world to manufacture these and there are rarely any issues with capacity or holdups.

Fits Any Yurt with a 30 Degree Roof

You may be wondering if this roof will fit your yurt. Well, if your yurt has a 30 degree roof pitch, then it will fit. Most major yurts are made with this roof angle and you can easily measure your yurt using a free smartphone app. Any protractor, angle finder, or level app should be able to measure the angle of your rafters, just make sure to take several measurements and average them out. Yurts are a flexible structure and so if you get any dimension from 28-32 degrees, you are probably fine. Contact your yurt manufacturer to ask the roof angle if you are unsure.
The only other dimension that you need is the overall size of your yurt to determine the model that you want to purchase. We recommend having a roof overhang of approximately 1'-2' to ensure a dry wall and allow you to use open windows in light rain. Larger or smaller roof overhangs are also possible.