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About Us

Who We Are

CLean Air Yurts began it's life as a custom residential house building company in 2006, designing and building energy efficient and non-toxic homes in New Paltz, NY. Our love for unique buildings drove the decision to begin a yurt company focused on innovating and pushing round buildings towards greater sustainability and durability. That is why we offer metal roofs for yurts.  We also created a line of yurts that are the lightest and easiest to set up in the world and allow the yurt to be moved and transported easily so they can be used like traditional nomadic yurts. 

Our Benefits:

  • 70 year lifespan vs. 10-15 years for fabric
  • Roof overhang keeps your walls dry
  • Finally open your yurt windows in the rain!
  • Lowers lifetime cost of yurt ownership
  • Allows for new insulation options like sprayfoam
  • Installs quickly
  • Increase your yurt's value
  • Perfect roof for building a custom round house
  • Unique pavilion kits (coming soon)

Our Metal Yurt Roofs have been computer designed and developed so that they roll off the production line exactly as ordered, every time.  CNC cutting, bending, and drilling machines take thick galvanized steel and make perfect pie-shaped roof panels that all have pre-punched fastener holes, reinforcing ribs, and flashing details built in.  Our manufacturer has been in business for over 60 years and is the best in the business.  You can be assured that your Metal Yurt Roof will be an amazing professional-grade product - no "slapdash construction" here.  
Our main office is located in New Paltz, NY, on a small organic vegetable farm, where we began our business.  On the property, we have an interesting 3 story 24' diameter round metal roofed house as well as a 26' yurt that we use to demonstrate the Metal Yurt Roof replacement process.  

The Metal Yurt Roofs ship directly to your yurt, house, property, or job site and are delivered on standard Freight Truck or Flatbed.  Shipping is available to all 50 states and internationally too!  We can handle any logistical challenges that you have.  While the roofs can be unloaded by hand, we recommend that you have (or rent) a forklift to assist in unloading.  Even the large roof panels are light enough that 1 or 2 people can handle them, but not all trucking companies or drivers will put up with the time to hand unload the entire package one panel at a time.

Cost Effective

Significant savings over the lifetime of your yurt vs. fabric roofs.

Transport Easily

We ship our round meatl roofs worldwide.

Turnkey Solution

Computer designed and machined panels assemble easily and quickly.  Complete flashing included.


No stronger construction available.

See Our Tiny Houses:


Length: 16 ft

Price range: Starting from $3,200