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Who We Are

Up Yurts provides the highest quality metal replacement yurt roofs and metal roof solutions for round buildings of all types. Up Yurts began it's life as a custom residential house building company in 2006, designing and building energy efficient and non-toxic homes in New Paltz, NY. Our love for unique buildings drove the decision to begin a yurt company focused on innovating and pushing round buildings towards greater sustainability and durability. We create a line of yurts that are the lightest and easiest to set up in the world and allow the yurt to be moved and transported easily so they can be used like traditional nomadic yurts. After several years of studying the vast array of yurt companies,



Have a yurt and need a new roof cover? Did a tree branch fall on your roof and put a hole in it? Bear damage? Or just worn out from sun, wind, and rain? Up Yurts has a perfect solution to replace your fabric yurt roof with a brand new Metal Yurt Roof that will last for 70 years and give you peace of mind, while saving you thousands of dollars over its lifespan.

  • Sizes from 12'-42' diameters
  • Inexpensive upgrade
  • Fits most yurts with no modifications
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About Us


Q:What sizes do you offer?

Our metal roofs come in 9 sizes - 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', 33', and 36' diameters. These sizes are nominal sizes with the actual roof diameter being 3-4 inches larger than the stated size. So a 24' roof package will fit a 24' diameter yurt and have a couple of inches or overhang. We recommend over-sizing the roof by one size to provide a generous 18" eave overhang and allow for water to drain away form your yurt walls and let you keep your windows open in light rain. Examples: A 20' yurt could use either a 21' roof or the larger 24' roof. A 24' yurt could use a 24' roof, but a 27' roof is recommended. +Read More

Q:What is the price?

Our prices below include FREE FREIGHT SHIPPING to locations in the lower 48 states.  Our roofs cost 75% less than replacement fabric roofs over their life!  You will save thousands while enjoying the protection and safety benefits a solid metal roof provides. 


12'  - $3220
15'  - $3840
18'  - $4264
21'  - $4834
24'  - $6394
27'  - $7290
30'  - $8204
33'  - $9278
36'  - $10245 +Read More

Q:What are the main benefits to a metal roof over a fabric roof?

1 - Metal roofs allow you to have a wide roof overhang, keeping your yurt walls dry and allowing you to keep your windows open in a light rain. Dry walls mean longer lasting covers (saving money) and cleaner walls (saving you time from cleaning mold and mildew).

2 - Metal roofs offer protection benefits from falling objects. Our metal roofs will help protect you from falling branches and hail due to their thick sheet steel construction. Would you rather have a piece of steel or a piece of fabric in between you and a falling tree branch?

3 - Metal roofs will save you money. Our metal roofs will last an average of 70 years, saving you the time and expense of changing 5-7 fabric roof covers. You will see a 75% or greater savings over their life.

4 - Metal roofs are made from chemically safe galvanized steel. There are only three elements in the product - iron, carbon, and zinc. No chemicals, no algicides, mildewicides, plasticizers, chlorine compounds, or proprietary poisons in our roofs, unlike in every other fabric yurt roof. Don't be fooled by trade names like durolast, they are all vinyl coated fabrics and contain chemicals like bpa that leach out into the air and water. +Read More